How it Works

Every one of us sees color in our own unique and personal way.  My goal is to understand YOUR vision.  It’s then my job to execute a defined, focused and cohesive color palette for your home or business that brings that vision to life.  The result,….a space that perfectly reflects your personality, tastes and goals. A color consultation from Color Choice Consulting is a collaborative process that offers a patient, thoughtful approach to choosing the color and finishes.  You will find an architectural color consultation is cost-effective, time saving and an enjoyable experience! 

The Color Consultation Process

Step One:  Initial Contact. Simply give me a call at 406-570-5333.  This kick-off discussion will help me understand the scope & size of your project and how I will be able to work for you.  You can also email me your phone number and a good time to reach you. 

Step Two:  On Site tour/Information Gathering.  Here we will uncover your likes, dislikes, and preferences as well as your vision and the design goals for your space.  I will assess lighting, architectural elements, orientation of the rooms and gather inspiration pieces from which to build a color palette.  Typical time allotment 2 hours.

Step Three:  Color Palette Presentation.  You will be given a complete color palette for your space.  I will give you 3 color options for each room and indicate which color elements are meant to go where, name of retailer, price, finish, etc.  I will always include a written explanation which outline my reasons for each color suggestion. 

Step Four:  Follow-up.  A follow-up calls and/or visit on site to ensure correct color placement, answer questions, tweak the palette(s) as necessary.  

  • ON-SITE CONSULTATION $50/hour Travel rates apply if outside 100 mile radius.  
  • VIRTUAL COLOR CONSULTATION (Color Palette only) $50/hour.  (3 hour minimum)

Let’s work together and color with confidence!

406 570 5333