EXTERIOR COLOR – Work with what you’ve got!

I came across this small ranch whose trim & accents had recently been painted a warm gray. First of all, good job to the homeowner for choosing an accent color that pulled color in from the ROOF and the BRICK. This is a prime example of taking a FIXED element of your home like the roof, and PULLING that color down into your accents & trim. The roof is a BOSSY FIXED ELEMENT that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Same goes with the brick. The gray chosen for the trim & accents ties in nicely with the gray roof as well as the gray & black found in the brick & mortar. (The brick is comprised of blacks, grays, tans and reds)

My only wish to really give this home the finished look it deserves, would have been to paint the front entry door in a high gloss BLACK rather than the gray. The gray is “blehhhh”, yes it works, but it’s just o.k. Front entry doors are an opportunity to make a STATEMENT! “Hey look at me! Come on in”! It would have related well with the black bricks found in the body of the home. If budget would have allowed, black shutters on the skimpy windows would have augmented the look too. Otherwise, I give this homeowner a big shout out for a job well done on a budget!

One thought on “EXTERIOR COLOR – Work with what you’ve got!

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